About Us

About Us

Asivado is Ghana’s new online retail ecommerce store built to connect buys and sellers to trade and exchange value for value at both ends of the bargain.Find lots of products, services and customers on Asivado.

Established on Sunday 16th October, 2022 with the vision to leverage digitalization of the Ghanaian economy and the internet to become the preferred online retail shop of every household in Ghana that delivers quality services, products in a timely manner to every household in Ghana.

In doing this, we seek to wow our clients and every stakeholder in the value chain with quality customer service and best practices.


  • Asivado stands for
  • Accurate – We strive to get meet the needs of customers accurately without any mistakes.
  • Synergy - Working together to achieve more for our customers
  • Ingenuity – Leveraging creativity anywhere possible to create better value for customers.
  • Vitality – To grow as a business and survive the challenges that come our way, never giving up.
  • Accessible – Remain reachable for all stakeholders and approachable at all times, enter or use technology and resources for the common good of customers.
  • Dependable -  be a trusted business that customers can rely on for flawless service at all times.
  • Open-Minded - Ready to entertain new ideas and positive energies and tap into them for the full benefit of the customer.